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Feeling bored at home?

Due to the circumstances we are in today everything is virtual for your own health, but hey no one said you have to be bored.

I will be listing activities you can do on your own or with someone.

Dafne Rodriguez

Arts & Crafts , Hobbies

  • Coloring/ Painting

  • Gift Ideas

  • Poetry (Sonnet, Haiku, Free Verse)

  • Short Stories

  • Bingo

  • Crosswords

  • Target Golf (seniors who play golf)



  1. Coloring pencils, markers, crayons, paint

  2. Scissors, ribbon, glue, tape, paper/ canvas, cans, or clear/undecorated vases

  3. For target golf, you will need golf balls, a box, and golf clubs

  4. Any type of materials you find at home like a magazine or something




  1. Coloring/ Painting ( whatever inspires you)

    • Get your materials

    • Sit at your favorite spot (living room balcony, back yard, etc…)

    • Get inspired by your surroundings or paint your feelings

  2. Gift Ideas ( a vase or scrapbook )

    • Get a boring vase ( blank vase)

    • Bring out your materials ( anything to decorate it)

    • Start cutting out materials into shapes or whatever you like. If you prefer painting it do so.

    • End results: hard work and a lovely vase


Target Golf

  • Get an empty box

  • Use a pencil to draw some windows on the side of the box

  • Cut them out with some scissors

  • Cut open one of the sides so you can use it as an indicator (just like in the image where it says target golf and the points) set that aside for now.

  • Decorate your box and attach the indicator above the “windows”

  • If you don’t have a golf club we can make one! we will need 2 kitchen rolls (the paper towel rolls), a cut out window from the box, tape, scissors, and a pencil

  • Attach both rolls with the tape.

  • Draw the bottom part of the golf club on the piece of cardboard you had previously cut out of the bov ( “window”).

  • Cut it out and tape it to the rolls

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